CellTrak Archive Management System

The CellTrak archive management solution has been developed by CellNass, with its functionality having been continually adapted over many years in response to customer feedback.

Being unique to CellNass, customers are able to log into their password protected CellTrak account to request the recall of archived material at any time. With each recall made, customers receive a quick acknowledgement, providing them with assurance that their request is being actioned.

The innovative software also provides users with full control and easier management of their material, giving in-depth tracking and traceability information. In addition, it provides a complete history of previous recalls, returns, and more, creating a comprehensive audit trail of activity.

Each CellTrak customer also has access to their personal 'duty of care' section, where they can easily access all relevant documents. For example, if a customer is being audited, they can quickly obtain the necessary documentation to provide full evidence that their materials are being stored in a safe and secure environment, and that it can be quickly located and obtained at any time.

CellTrak has intuitive item recall functionality, making it quick and easy for users to complete their item recall requests. When completed, users can then go into the specific recall to obtain full information on its progress.

The unique software also permits users to access a full audit trail of their activity, ensuring they have all the necessary information they may require to hand.