Global Partnerships

Over recent years, CellNass has successfully joined up with a number of distributors in Europe (one per country) to offer the CellNass service in markets outside the UK. To see a full list of countries where we already have a presence, please click here. Alternatively, if you’d like further information on partnering with CellNass and the benefits it brings, please feel free to contact us using the contact us form on the right-hand side.

First introduced in 2003 CellNass was originally intended for offsite archiving of Cellular Pathology blocks and slides. Over the past decade CellNass has evolved to incorporate new technologies to make it what it is today, a complete Cellular Pathology Archive Management Solution that provides laboratory standard tracking and traceability to complete Cellular Pathology Archives. CellNass is continually evolving and adopting new innovations to ensure our community of customers have the best possible solution for today, and the years to come.

Benefits to the customers of using CellNass

  • Release space within hospitals for other uses
  • CellNass extends laboratory level tracking and traceability to the whole back archive
  • Save hours of skilled staff’s time by removing the pressures that come with onsite archiving
  • CellTrak, CellNass’ unique software, facilitates the accurate and rapid recall of individual specimens or cases
  • Full traceability and easy retrieval of individual items
  • Eliminate the need for continual purchasing of expensive storage cabinets
  • Cost effective solution 

Are you interested in becoming one of our cellular pathology archive management partners? If so, please use the contact form to the right and member of our team will be in touch.