Vision & Values

An Archiving Partner you can Trust

Our highly trained, friendly and dedicated employees are fully committed to providing our customers with a complete archiving solution not available from other suppliers. In order to meet our customer promise, we are continually investing in new facilities and technology to ensure the security and safety of your archived materials.


We strive to offer the best and most complete archiving solution for Cellular Pathology


  • Our People
    • Knowledgeable and confident in their area of expertise
    • Acting with integrity at all times
    • Respected, developed and treated with mutual respect to ensure that we attract and retain the best people for our customers
  • Our Passion
    • Delivering on the promises we make
    • Continually seeking new ways to improve our service to customers
  • Our Philosophy
    • Put our customer’s needs first and at the heart of everything we do
    • Committed to fairness and transparency
    • Expect to be measured on the value we deliver to customers
  • Our Diversity
    • Delivering excellence through the recruitment of people from differing backgrounds and levels of experience, with each possessing our common values above.