About Us

Dedicated Archive Management Solution for Cellular Pathology

CellNass is an innovative, national archive management service from CellPath Ltd.  Although originally intended for the archiving of cellular pathology blocks and slides, it has over recent years, been expanded to cover multiple disciplines with materials such as blood spot cards, transfusion records, documents, paper reports and more. As a result, CellNass is now able to provide a complete archive management solution, ideal for hospitals and laboratories with limited or expensive-to-run onsite storage space.

CellNass is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA licence number 12434) and is subject to a detailed inspection programme based on compliance evaluation and site visits. We, therefore, provide a safe and secure environment that meets the highest standards of archiving for Cellular Pathology samples.

Continual investment in our facilities and technology, matched with our dedicated team of professionals with expertise in Pathology and logistics, means we have an in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements and the environment in which they work.

CellNass has the resources and capability to transport and archive large volumes of material safely and without inconvenience to hospital staff.

Benefits of using CellNass