CellNass 'Delivering' a Better Service

CellNass is pleased to announce that from January 2018, we now provide as standard, all recall deliveries on a next day before noon service. We have also added a further option, allowing customers to order their recalled materials next day before 09:00 am in instances when this is required.

Through adopting pre-noon delivery as standard, our service will be further enhanced as it will allow CellNass to quickly learn of any potential late deliveries, assess the root-cause and provide a solution to customers all on the same day.


New Van Hits the Road


CellNass recently took delivery of a new van to meet the increased demand for our material recalls and uplifts. Keep an eye out for it. We will wave back!



Introducing Vehicle Tracking


Early 2018 has seen CellNass install a state-of-the-art vehicle tracking software system into our fleet, bringing with it a number of key benefits.

The main reason we decided to fit a tracking system was enhanced security. Due to the very important nature of the materials we transport around the country, it is hugely important for us to update customers on when to expect CellNass at their site, a service some of our customers have asked from us.

Finally, incorporation of vehicle tracking consolidates the safe driving behaviours of our employees, ensuring speed limits are adhered to at all times, amongst other safe practices.



Some of the CellNass Team

Back row from left to right: Simon Wheatley, Peter Owen, Beata Majcher and Izabela Kalakowska

Front row from left to right: Louise Alexander, Lauren Jackson, Rob Jackson, Rachel Harbon and Nicola Davies

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